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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 24, 2015 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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an abandoned puppy gets a rough start to life but -- >> this does have a beautiful, happy ending. >> see jordan's amazing, happy journey from this to this. racetrack close calls are nothing new but the one you're about to see -- >> holding a once in a lifetime accident. >> the moment a driver leapfrogs his rival. >> firefighters rescue a woman from a burning building but -- >> it's not exactly easier to them. >> how they straddle a ladder to get her to safety. and some pranksters pretend to be -- the worst parents ever.
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>> what happens when dad cracks open a cold one for the baby bottle? >> no? baby food. >> this is so sad. >> the images i'm about to show you, they're going to break your heart. but i promise you this does have a beautiful, happy ending. folks at hope for paws were called in because people saw a dog being abused and thrown 30 feet down into the l.a. river, a cement canal. that is the little dog. whimpering and covered in dirt. >> okay. >> we'll definitely need the basket. he's in so much pain. >> a little puppy. >> he is a little puppy. >> the person abusing the dog apparently cut off his back right foot. >> this is the definition of evil. >> with the folks from hope for paws quickly scooped this little puppy up and they rush him to an animal hospital. >> nice and trusting realizing these people are trying to help
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him. >> on the way to the hospital they decide to name him jordan and he quickly get him the treatment that he needs. he was suffering from mange, bacterial infections malunusual and the wound itself then can't immediately perform surgery because he's so weak they have to hook him up to antibiotics, give him a blood transfusion. you can see that after he undergoes surgery, they've done a beautiful job of healing that wound. and little jordan gets strong enough to be taken to a foster home. look at him, playing with other foster dogs running around up and downstairs. they put him in physical therapy so he can strengthen that other back leg. happy as can be. >> he's superfancy now with his little argyle sweater. >> he's come a long way. >> i this about the universe about it's ying and yang and bal
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lass balance balance. people go that extra mile to help out. this one quick video from the good word members, good word in the uk famous racetrack. these guys are in open wheel cars something that hast been seen thi mario cart. yes, isn't it incredible? calling it a once in a lifetime accident. as you can see, both in the single seater open wheel racers. wheels come together right over top, comes down no problem. both cars did end up coming out of the race but there we go. >> looks like something they make up for james bond. like that would never happen in real life. >> i know. >> like he hit a button on the ceiling. >> another one, this from another famous racetrack in the world, this guy driving in his bmw m-3, dangers that can happen. it's a bind corner and high
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speeds. this guy comes across over 100 miles an hour. in the way. this guy, a bit of a ninja, i think he's buying his front brakes a drink tonight. >> and underwear. >> new underwear. >> two completely unexpected attacks caught on video, and they're both going to leave you a little puzzled. this first one is at a grade school. there's a lot of commotion at the very beginning of the video. people coming in and out 0 the classroom, walking frantically and suddenly right about here you see things starting to fly. did you see that chair just fall right into frame right here? then what looks like a trash can, flies across the hallway here. suddenly a table is being thrown on the ground. another lady grabs a chair. >> whoa. it's like mothers and stuff. >> yeah. believe it or not, those are mothers. apparently one of those women
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was told that her son had been attacked by a teacher, had at least been reprimanded physically. she and the other women did not like that one single bit, came to the school to find out what had happened things clearly got out of control. >> you somewhat lost the high ground when complaining about violence and turn up and trash the school. >> all in front of the kids. yeah. >> horrible way to show how to solve a problem. >> no word on what ended up happening after. now this other incident happened in philadelphia where police are still looking for the culprits involved. this at a train station. keep an eye on this sitting on the bench as a group of other people come up. suddenly that guy and a bunch of other guys on the platform start attacking and punching this kid who immediately tries to get away. police looking for the suspects trying to figure out what on earth happened. the victim ended up being taken to the hospital with only minor
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injuries. >> thats and ambush guys in the front, guys in the back knew exactly what he was doing there and they jumped him. >> we don't know if it was targeted or random act of violence. >> philadelphia slogan, remind me. >> city of brotherly love. >> yeah. >> sometimes. >> just checkin'. >> sometimes. two words from the person shooting this video really sums up what firefighters have to face battling this apartment fire in maple ridge, british columbia canada. >> oh crap! >> two units in the third floor apartment are on fire. this is before firefighters get there, but when they do they notice that there was some residents trapped on the third floor due to smoke. it was a very close call for this woman right there. two firefighters are going to straddle both of these ladders and bring this woman down. as you can see, it's not exactly easy for them. >> that's the tricky part
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dealing with the shocks. >> you see part of the building falling down around them. firefighters point the hose at them while they're still on the water. must have been the heat. >> now getting down. >> i can't imagine how nerve-racking it was for them carrying the weight of another human being trying to defend a ladder with sparks. this is miraculous think were able to get this done. >> south of the border a completely different incident with firefighters two groups of firefighters are fighting and the police are there trying to break it up. >> is this a my hose is longer than your hose fight? >> not exactly. this is we get to fight this fire not you kind of fight. was a brushfire. no people seem to be in danger. but you can see them kicking and shoving. you can see one firefighter kick a guy in the head right here. >> oh guys come on get it together. >> you see them go down and the fight continues. >> i think in this case you've
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got to turn the hose on all of them come on, guys come on. >> in the end, five people were injured. dude used a revolving door to have a good time. >> this guy goes through, no problem. and there goes the next guy, whoo hoo. >> why it's all fun and games until somebody gets really hurt. >> and -- >> there's a goat. >> a guy gets a surprise when he sees a goat on the street. >> but the adventure doesn't end there. >> why what he sees next is even more shocking. >> [ bleep ]! >> this is the weirdest day ever for this guy, or the best day ever. >> right.
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"right this minute," follow the show all day long. today we're going to prove a scientific principle, okay? it's very simple. a man's i.q. divided by x ends up with --
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>> the great number of males the lower the i.q. >> the lowter goes. you'll see this work perfectly. spinning a revolving door as fast as they can and running through. this revolving door trick is older but trending video, you'll see why. this guy goes through no problem. there goes the next guy. >> i feel like this is a really great way to possibly be decapitated. >> you might be on the right track, beth. >> stop. >> it's all fun and games until somebody almost loses their fingers. it's spraying blood everywhere and this guy's hand seriously cut. >> how much that is going to cost to replace the glass? >> i'd be worried about ply finger there's. there we go scientific principle proved. next video, and we'll if the principle pays off. a bunch of college kids we'll pay you $100 if you take a shot to the face of pepper spray. >> one more vision of everybody's faces.
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just in case. this might be the last thing i see. >> he's ready for it. eyes are open they spray. >> [ bleep ]! >> water. >> hurry, hurry. >> regret kicks in. now we've got two more minutes of pain and regret. >> blink a lot. blink a lot. >> dude i need more [ bleep ] water. >> he asks for water, they come up with a dixie cup. >> blink your eyes. blink. >> [ bleep ]! i can't open my [ bleep ] eyes! >> they get him inside. he starts pulling off his shorts go to the sing rubs his eyes. i hope the $100 was worth it. >> and an update on i story that the family credits us with introducing to a national audience. remember little eliza, remember this go fund me campaign saving
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eliza and use of viral video created by benjamin. i diagnoses with a rare genetic disorder and her father glenn knew they themselves needed to raise money to fund a trial to try to cure the syndrome because the disease is so rare. money wasn't going into the trial. so they felt if they had a viral video, got the message out there, they could raise money needed and they needed to raise $2 million over the course of a year. you can look at the go fund me page over $1.8 million they've raised so far. but the update is it was such a brilliant use of a video in a social media marking campaign that it was nominated for a shorty award, and was a finalist in the best use of video category. now although the saving eliza video did not win the best use video award, this is a big deal being a finalist will help get
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the word out will that financially put them closer to $2 million goal? >> the thing that it could do is encourage more people to donate so that they can finally find a cure. the o'neal family created the cure san felipe poe foundation as a result of the video and all of the support they've been getting online to try to find a cure. >> they don't need to win the award. it's just the fact that more people get eyes on it it's a win, win, win for them. >> i like how it gives hope to other families and people with diseases that don't get a lot of research money. kudos to social media making a platform them to do this. >> if you live in 15 line na new york you don't see a lot of wildlife in the business district in liverpool but that's what steven peterson saw when he finished a shift. >> there's a goat. >> he's surprised, there's a goat walking up to the truck. the adventure doesn't end there. >> are you a nice goat?
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i don't have food goat. oh my god, there's a [ bleep ] llama! what is going on. >> this is the weirdest day ever for this guy, or the best day ever. >> i thought he was getting excited about a goat. a llama, that amps it up. >> let meal they tell you why it's the best day ever. he always wanted to be a voice actor. this video's gone viral over the weekend, and now he's getting work offers because of this. >> what is going on? >> more happiness. the only way to in deuce this video is by saying dogs and cats pigs and rabbits and sheeps and goats living together mass happiness. thiss fr edge gerars farm. they postedhis video on international happiness day. why not? because it's just happy animals
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having a happy time living together. >> drinking milk and playing with cameras and hopping up and down and bouncing around. >> should be happy. >> 80 beautiful locations and this -- >> no thank you. >> yes, please. >> next "right this minute." and still to come -- he made his girlfriend a special video because -- >> he's ready to take this relationship to a whole new level. >> the big surprise when she gets to the end. >> you've got to be kidding. plus -- pranksters set out to show the world. >> what the worst parents ever look like. >> oh no. >> why their style definitely ain't strict. >> you're setting it down. >> wow. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry y wiwinknkleler. and i know there are many myths out there ababouout t a a rereveversrse e momortrtgage soso i i w wanant t yoyou u toto k knonow the facts. ththerere
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"rtm" video app. watch videos while you wait. it's the cure for boredom. download it now. you know people are about to get freaked out when a video begins with this is a fake baby don't try this at home. this is a teen from big dogs tv. they are about to show us -- >> we're the worst parents ever. >> oh no no no no! >> the doors close behind them the baby inside the train. >> my baby! my baby! no! >> the newborn. it's like 3, 4 days old. can you try to stop it? >> everyone inside the train is freaking out because now there's an unattended baby. >> a baby in here at the last stop. it's a newborn. >> walking with a stroller.
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>> you okay. >> this makes you want to take the child away. >> we got it. no i think we got it. >> the best part baby's not falling but watch what they're going to feed it. pretend to bottle feed beer to the baby. >> puts him right to sleep. >> oh, wow. >> oh no! >> they do tell the people at the very end this is just a prank. >> oh, no, no, no! >> travis has invited his girlfriend amber over because he's got a very important question to ask her, although he tells her it's for something else. >> my girlfriend's coming over now, i'm going to ask her to marry me. i'm going to show her this video you're about to see and then film her reaction.
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she's got going to suspect anything when she sees cameras because i always have cameras rolling when we're together and we're always filming something. oh my gosh i'm so nervous right now. >> once she get there's he plays this video video starts with one of the first times they went out. they went to ikea. >> i saw a diner table. after sitting there over an hour talking i decided to buy it. we've spent so much time together there, i fell in love with you at that table. they start dating. they start doing a lot of fun stuff but then she goes away to college. so they start a long-distance relationship. >> but thank god for skype, the artwork that you've painted me and the creative things you've done for me. >> wow. >> look at that scrapbook she made him of their relationship together. so now he's ready to take this relationship to a whole, new level. >> oh my god. you've got to be k
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>> i think they're going to live happily ever after. >> this hairy dude made the big decision to -- >> go get waxed. >> this guy's about to have a very bad day. >> ahhh! >> why his extreme man scaping is for a good cause. >> i'm going to punch you.
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the second largest?
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>> i believe that's what i read. >> it's not the severnth. >> this hairy dude decided to get waxed. >> he looks like the carpeting in the house i grew up in. >> looks thick, like it's rooted in there. >> i hate you, i do! >> unfortunately for him it does appear that this esthetician keeps leaving air behind. >> about to have a very bad day. i'm going to punch you. >> here's another video of him half-waxed. >> he's going to need so much aloe vera. >> he's wearing a sweater. >> it's a lot to go through for maybe two weeks. maybe not even. i bet his hair will grow back fast. >> do a bit of manscaping. >> yeah. >> do we know why this guy's doing this? any idea? did he lose a bet? >> he's doing it all for a good cause. he's trying to raise money for a
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cancer support organization called mcmillan cancer support. his original goal to raise $400. he's raised more than $600 so far. >> a got sense of humor. he sat through a ton of pain to raise some money. i like this guy. >> he does post pictures after where he's completely shaven. >> looked like terribly sunburned. a smiley face did you see that. >> all of the pain and suffering for people suffering with cancer. that's our show everybody. thanks for joining us here at "rtm." we'll see you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪
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a motorcyclist is headed toward another rider who -- >> just tried to beat the light. >> pizza delivery guy didn't make it on time. >> cameras show a diner backing away from his meal. >> the video rewinds where see why the manager could smell a rat. inside a water cam was easy. >> it wasn't easy to get his head out. >> why rescuing a


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